What does the Snow Button do on a Toyota Highlander?


As one of the most popular SUVs in the US, the Toyota Highlander has taken the market by storm. In addition to its roomy cabin and strong engines, this vehicle is noted for its excellent handling. Year each year, it gains more and more traction.

Several improvements to the Highlander have been made by Toyota throughout the years. The inclusion of Snow Mode was one of these improvements.

Drivers may turn on the vehicle’s heating system in cold weather using this setting. The Snow Mode button on the center console may be used to activate Snow Mode.

The heater will come on and heat the cabin to 40 degrees Fahrenheit when this button is touched. In addition, drivers have access to climate control adjustments through the steering wheel-mounted knobs.

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When should a Toyota Highlander’s snow button be pressed? Here are a few examples:

  • Pressing the snow button while driving may help keep your glass from fogging up if it is snowing outside.
  • Pressing the snow button again when the temperature dips below freezing will reduce the temperature inside the cabin.

Do all Toyotas have a snow button?

Definitely not. The snow button is only available on certain Toyota Highlander models. It is not compatible with any other Toyota model.

Is it possible to use the snow button even if my Highlander does not have heated seats?

Yes, however, you can’t be certain that pressing the snow button will activate the heated seats. You may need to test it out first before shelling out for a costly new version

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How long is the snow button good for?

The frequency with which you press the button has an impact on this. To get the most out of it, you should only tap it once every few days. The problem arises if you push it repeatedly throughout the day.

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