How Much Does the Las Vegas Strip Monorail Cost? – 2022 Ticket Prices & Map


You may be surprised that the Las Vegas Strip Monorail costs only $5 for a single ride.

Four monorails serve Las Vegas Boulevard: three free trams along the Las Vegas Strip on the west side and this lengthy, central one on the east.

Located on the east side of the Strip, it is known as the Las Vegas Monorail.

The Monorail system in Las Vegas

3.9 miles stretch from the south end of the MGM Grand to the north end of Sahara Avenue at the Sahara Las Vegas. While in Las Vegas, guests may get a glimpse of the city from the top of the Flamingo, Paris, and Harrah’s hotels.

In 1993, the Las Vegas Monorail was a one-mile section of track that connected the MGM Grand and Bally’s casinos. On July 15, 2004, the Las Vegas Monorail began service along the entire length of the Las Vegas Strip.

The system was constructed completely using private funds as a non-profit organization. As a major project contractor, Bombardier was instrumental in developing Walt Disney World’s smooth-running monorail system in Orlando, Florida.

This is a unique transportation option in the United States, and it’s also the only public Monorail in the world that doesn’t need a human operator. The Monorail, like the Strip itself, does not technically fall inside the municipal borders of Las Vegas. ”

The whole journey from MGM Grand to Sahara Station takes only 15 minutes, and the trains are air-conditioned to help combat the renowned Las Vegas summer heat.

The frequency of trains fluctuates, but one can expect one to come every 5 to 10 minutes on average (more like every five minutes during busy times). The trains may achieve speeds of up to 50 miles per hour. If you’re on the Strip, good luck getting there in a Taxi or Uber.

Costs of Monorail Rides in Las Vegas

There are both mobile and physical ticket options available. As of this writing, the LV Monorail cost is as follows:

Single Ride $5
24 Hour Pass $13
2 Day Pass $23
3 Day Pass $29
4 Day Pass $36
5 Day Pass $43
7 Day Pass $56

It’s important to remember that a 24-hour pass is precisely that: it expires exactly 24 hours after you enter through a fee gate. One minute after your 24-hour window has expired, your ticket will no longer be valid. When you initially put your pass into the gate, the other passes are dependent on the precise moment you entered the gate.

Additionally, children under the age of five are admitted free of charge. Mobile tickets may be purchased on your phone or the system’s website at seven monorail stations.

You may use your debit or credit card to pay at the kiosks at each stop. Sorry, but you can’t take any of the chips you discovered in your pocket from the prior night’s blackjack play.

An impressive 70,000 passengers may be transported by the Monorail to and from the Las Vegas Convention Center during major conferences, according to the system’s official website.

The system, on the whole, has failed to meet expectations. The number of passengers expected by the project’s designers was substantially higher. Lack of ridership has precluded future extension towards the north for the Las Vegas Monorail. The system’s running corporation emerged from bankruptcy in 2013.

A Sufficient Alternate

Despite this, I do not include myself among its critics. If you’re attending a conference and staying at an east strip side hotel far from the convention center, the Strip Monorail is an excellent option. We could easily stroll to the Las Vegas Convention Center during our time at the MGM Grand, where we attended several events.

In terms of saving money, it’s possible to use the Deuce, the Las Vegas bus system, but the Monorail saves you a lot of time and walking and allows you to avoid the 107-degree days in Vegas.

There is a single drawback.

It is difficult to get to the west side casinos by Monorail, which is a major disadvantage.

The stations themselves are on the extreme eastern side of the east side hotels, so you’d have to travel about a block to get to the Strip from the station. You’ll need to cross the Strip to go to the east side casino door, which is a significant distance away (Bellagio, Caesars Palace, etc.) It’s often more convenient to use the Strip walkways than the Monorail in many situations.

The Strip Taxi or Uber/Lyft, on the other hand, is virtually never speedier. As a result, despite organizers’ expectations, the system nevertheless attracts some users and contributes to reducing pollution from automobiles and buses. Seventy-four million passengers have used the Las Vegas Monorail, which just announced the occasion of its 74th anniversary.

What Time Does The Monorail Run In Las Vegas?

Three hundred sixty-five days a year, the following schedule is in effect.

Monday 7 AM to Midnight
Tuesday – Thursday 7 AM – 2 AM
Friday – Sunday 7 AM – 3 AM

Las Vegas Monorail Station Stops

There are seven different stops on the route. Here they are, beginning at the south and going north:

  • Stops at Las Vegas Monorail Stations
  • On the trip, there are seven distinct places to halt. From the south to the north, here they are:
  • The Bally’s Station at MGM Grand and the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino
  • In the Flamingo or Caesar’s Palace
  • Las Vegas Convention Center Station Westgate Sahara Harrah’s
  • The Linq Las Vegas

Fremont Street, or Las Vegas’ historic downtown, was originally planned to be a stop on the monorail line. Still, that proposal was scrapped to extend the route to McCarran International Airport. As the Monorail administration relies on federal transportation funds, this expansion has yet to be funded. Taxi businesses are resisting these measures with all they have.

LV Monorail Phone Numbers & Website

The following is information about the Monorail’s contract:

3770 Howard Hughes Parkway, Suite 295
Las Vegas, NV 89169

Phone: (702) 699-8299 (Hours are 10 AM to 6 PM daily, Pacific time)

Email for any issues:

From Las Vegas, use the Mandalay Bay Monorail.

A line extension to Mandalay Bay, south of the MGM Grand, has also been announced by the Las Vegas Monorail organization. Governmental funding concerns have put the expansion on hold and may be scrapping it altogether. Approval and planning were in place.

As a result of Mandalay Bay’s monorail expansion, guests lodging on the Strip would have reached the new Las Vegas Raiders Allegiant Stadium in less than 15 minutes by walking from the monorail station.

There is, however, a free tram that runs between the Excalibur Casino and the Mandalay Bay hotel and casino.

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