50 Best Startups you need to watch out 2021


With each passing day, we inch closer to an AI-first world, and now is an excellent time for tech startups to make their mark. As we all know, AI and robots will control the future, and many Venture Capital firms and tech investors are keeping an eye on the tech industry for all of the innovative approaches that can be turned into reality. It’s time to DREAM BIG and ACT NOW, according to the new motto.

Given that hundreds of new startups are launched every day, the key question is:

How can you identify the best startups that will thrive in 2021?

We’ve made the decision to save you the difficulty. Check out the list of the most exciting new startups of 2021, as determined by their success stories and venture-backed funding raised thus far.

List of the Top Startup Industries:

  1. AI Startups
  2. Ecommerce Startups
  3. EdTech Startups
  4. FinTech Startups
  5. Food sand Beverages Startups
  6. Health Care Startups
  7. Blockchain Startups
  8. IoT Startups
  9. Software and SaaS Startups
  10. Transport and Travel Startups
  11. Mobile Apps Startups
  12. Fashion Startups

Artificial Intelligence Startups:

1. SurveyAuto:

Industry: AI
Funding: Undisclosed
Investors: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

SurveyAuto, one of the most recent startups in the AI industry, gathers precise results of the survey through geolocation, call records, hyperspectral imagery, and open street maps. Dr. Umer Saif, a Pakistani entrepreneur, created SurveyAuto.

The startup has been in process for two years, but it recently received an undisclosed sum of funding from The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

SurveyAuto uses a crowdsourcing framework and depends heavily on machine learning to determine who reports data, where it is collected, and when and how frequently it is reported. This saves money and reduces human error.

That sounds promising. Only time will tell how quickly it advances.

2. Spacemaker:

Industry: AI
Funding: $25M
Investors: Atomico

Another fantastic startup is Spacemaker, which focuses on developing sustainable infrastructure that can help businesses grow while reducing the environmental pollution. It is one of the United Nations’ millennium development goals.

Infrastructure designers can hire Spacemaker to advise them on the best ways to enhance the benefits of their real-estate structure. They will produce and investigate billions of site proposals, select the best ones, and provide detailed statistics on each of them to construction developers. Spacemaker uses machine intelligence to create environmentally friendly designs.

3. Eyewear tech:

Industry: AI
Funding: Undisclosed
Investors: High Tech Grunderfords

Eyeware Tech is a revolutionary startup in the camera monitoring and recognition space. It tracks a person’s gaze and determines their motivation. The software is designed to address real-world issues such as security, buyer preference, human aspirations, and so on. It employs patent-pending computer vision algorithms to improve human-machine interaction.

The 3D eye-tracking software detects depth using cameras and allows for remote gaze tracking in 3D – all with consumer 3D cameras. It aids in the collection of real-world interactions, user attention, purpose, motives, and interests.

4. Streem:

Industry: AI
Funding: $10.5M
Investors: Flying Fish Partners

With Streem, customer support has never been easier. Customers become dissatisfied when they do not receive the support they expect from the company.

Streem is a revolt in customer support that allows your customers to pinpoint the issue using the lens of their smartphone, and your team can guide them through AR cues in real-time.

Streem empowers product support engineers with proprietary spatial mapping, OCR, and object & pose estimation technology to obtain critical information.

Ecommerce Startups:

5. Snackpass:

Industry: Ecommerce
Funding: $23.1M
Investors: Andreessen Horowitz

Why stand in line when you can order your food on your phone and pick it up when you arrive at the restaurant? It is even better than the ‘drive-in’ concept because there is no need to wait even a minute.

Prior to Snackpass, restaurant owners were concerned about customers failing to collect their orders. They have nothing to worry about with Snackpass. The app automatically debits money from a customer’s wallet as soon as he places an order. Isn’t it simple?

Snackpass is now used in multiple universities across the United States and is backed by some of the tech industry’s biggest names.

6. Wheels:

Industry: Ecommerce
Funding: $87M
Investors: DBL Partners

Wheels is a shared electric mobility site that facilitates smart city projects all over the world. Wheels is a service that allows you to rent wheels (motor pods) for a day, a month or even a year. They will handle the maintenance and all other costs associated with it. If the motor pod breaks down, a new one will be parked just for you.

The company provides hybrid electric vehicles with a sleek design, swappable parts, batteries, built-in Bluetooth speakers, and numerous charging points, allowing you to commute safely and comfortably.

7. Verishop:

Industry: Ecommerce
Funding: $30M
Investors: DBL Partners

Verishop is a lifestyle eCommerce store that caters to your everyday shopping needs. The high quality of the products offered by Verishop distinguishes it from the competition. The brand only sells premium products from well-known brands. Verishop aspires to be a go-to lifestyle shopping destination for customers seeking high-quality products. Verishop is an eCommerce store based in Santa Monica, California, that has been very successful in the last two years.

8. Eatigo:

Industry: Ecommerce
Funding: $25.5M
Investors: Trip Advisor

Eatigo claims to be Asia’s leading restaurant reservation platform. It is supported by Trip Advisor and provides dining discounts and restaurant reservations in Thailand, India, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore. The quality of service it provides is what makes it the NEXT BIG THING in the food industry. Within minutes, users can browse restaurants, reserve online, and admire deals with a special discount.

Restaurant locations, photos, reviews, and menus are also available on the platform for people to view and decide whether it is a good fit for them in real-time. Eatigo was established in 2013 and is situated in Bangkok, Thailand.

EdTech Startups:

9. NutSpace:

Industry: EdTech
Funding: Undisclosed
Investors: N/A

NutSpace focuses to prepare children for the future by teaching them 21st Century skills. It employs the Inventive ThinkingTM Methodology, which teaches children “how to learn.” NutSpace also has an in-class program that provides experiential learning to children in order to help them develop independent thinking skills.

The material assists children in developing their imagination, listening, and language skills.

10. CoachHub:

Funding: Undisclosed
Investors: N/A

CoachHub is a cloud-based mobile coaching platform that offers personalized training to employees at all levels of their careers.

The portal has a pool of top-rated certified coaches from all over the world. If you match your needs, you can also become a coach. It provides live coaching sessions via video conferencing as well as flexible learning hours for employees. You can use this coaching to transform your managers into inspiring leaders, improve team performance, and help employees develop.

The startup is based in Berlin. It has already become a meeting place for seasoned business coaches, human resource experts, serial entrepreneurs, and top IT engineers.

11. Coded Minds:

Industry: EdTech
Funding: AED10M
Investors: Al Arabi Investments

Coded Minds is a technology-education company that aims to change the way students learn about technology. Methods are the focus of Coded Minds. It begins with a problem and progresses to a practical, hands-on project-based curriculum.

The startup’s goal is to focus on real-world problems and solve them through innovation and technology.

It educates students of all ages throughout the Middle East, North Africa, Asia Pacific, South Asia, and the Americas. It believes that education should have a purpose. As a result, it encourages children and adults to be creative, imaginative, entrepreneurial, and problematic.

12. Springboard:

Industry: EdTech
Funding: $22.2M
Investors: Reach Capital

Springboard provides users with in-demand job skills that can help them advance in their professional careers. Because these courses are available online, they can be taken at any time. Springboard provides training in data science, layout, analytics, marketing, and security. The company’s motto is “A new approach to education.”

Education, according to the company, is no longer a one-time investment, but rather a lifelong pursuit. Furthermore, the company intends to create courses that will assist its students in excelling in their respective fields.

13. Labster:

Industry: EdTech
Funding: $34.2M
Investors: Owl Ventures

Labster is an online platform that allows high school students to conduct different experiments in a risk-free environment. Labsters is an ideal solution for students in third-world countries who do not have access to modern labs for conducting Science, Physics, and Chemistry experiments.

They can learn about advanced technology, new ways of experimenting, and gain practical learning experience with Labster, all from the comfort of their own homes.

The company’s goal is to create easily scalable online solutions that greatly enhance learning with standard methods at significantly lower costs.

The Labster platform also includes molecular 3D animations, quiz questions, and background theories that immerse students in a multimedia experience that is immersive and game-like.

FinTech Startups:

14. NuovoPay:

Industry: FinTech
Funding: Bootstrapped
Investors: N/A

NuovoPay is a startup company that aims to protect device leasing while also supporting Haas (hardware as a service). Several financial firms and mobile phone carriers have not jumped on the device leasing bandwagon to make mobile devices available to people with bad credit. This is an important part of the empowerment provided by mobility, and leasing is a key element in bridging the digital divide.

With its proprietary device locking software, NuovoPay supports mobile leasing companies, financial institutions, and carriers to protect their leased devices from nonpayment. When a payment is missed, NuovoPay’s non-intrusive software sits on the leased mobile devices and can be used to flash payment reminders on device screens and block access to the system.

When the end-user finishes the pending payment, the device is opened, the device data is preserved, and the device can be used as-is. The leasing companies can keep track of their leased devices on the NuovoPay dashboard, automate or schedule payment reminders, and block or unblock device access with a single click.

15. Radpay:

Industry: FinTech
Funding: $78.8M
Investors: Stripes

Radpay is an online transaction solution that enables customers to pay for their purchases more quickly, resulting in fewer cart abandonments. It is a top blockchain startup that integrates blockchain with PCI-compliant card payment and banking infrastructure. It protects merchant transactions with a combination of mobile apps, browser plugins, application programming interfaces (APIs), pre-configured e-commerce cart plug-ins, and credit card terminal applications.

It is ideal for merchants looking for an alternative to the latest payment solutions that charge a high fee and provide poor service. Depending on your industry, Radpay can help you increase margins by up to 200 percent.

16. Hastee:

Industry: FinTech
Funding: $600K
Investors: Fulgur Ventures

Hastee is an application that allows employers to take a portion of their employees’ earned pay on-demand. It improves business well-being and gives employees more freedom to spend their pay as they see fit while earning interest on it.

Hastee is well-known for providing high-quality service at a reasonable price. It allows employees to be paid in advance when a company makes a sale.

Food and Beverages Startups:

17. Meatable:

Industry: Food and Beverages
Funding: $1.6M
Investors: Golden Angel Investors

Meatable is a company that makes and sells lab-grown meat on the market. The company’s founders believe that current meat production is incapable of meeting future demand and that killing animals for food is far too “cruel.”

Meatable takes a single cell from an animal’s body and develops the entire organ in a lab. This process usually takes three years in the natural environment, but this company can replicate it in three weeks.

Meatable may have discovered the solution to increased food security without sacrificing taste, health, or, of course, real meat.

18. Kitopi:

Industry: Food and Beverages
Funding: $89M
Investors: VentureSouq

Kitopi is an acronym that stands for Kitchen, Operation, and Innovation. It is a chopping kitchen network that prepares and delivers food to other retail establishments. It is a managed cloud kitchen network through which a restaurant can place orders and have them delivered quickly. It facilitates restaurants, food brands, and eateries to concentrate on what is most important, such as marketing, budget, and product innovation.

19. TapRm:

Industry: Food and Beverages
Funding: $1.7M
Investors: The Broe Group

It is no longer difficult to obtain beer in the United States. TapRm, a new eCommerce store, allows you to have your beer delivered right to your door. TapRM’s service is currently only available in New York. The company has received approximately $1.7 million in funding to expand the service to other states in the United States.

20. Choco:

Industry: Food and Beverages
Funding: $1.7M
Investors: The Broe Group

Cooking a meal is a time-consuming process that even top chefs will agree on. Combine this with resource management. It is a healthy activity. One app, however, is bucking the trend. Choco is a free app that makes ordering and communicating with suppliers faster and easier.

Choco is a new startup that connects restaurants with suppliers. It aims to simplify ordering and communication and has the potential to benefit millions of people around the world.

Health Care Startups:

21. NuvoAir:

Industry: Health Care
Funding: $5.2M
Investors: Industrifonden

NuvoAir is your go-to platform for tracking, improving, and curing respiratory health. The startup sells devices that monitor and control people’s respiratory health, both young and old. This information is automatically transferred to the user’s mobile app, allowing him/her and the doctor to make informed decisions and provide appropriate medical care based on accurate data.

The platform was created as a result of extensive patient research and insights from top pulmonologists and researchers. Its mission is to empower patients and caregivers all over the world.

22. iRise:

Industry: FinTech
Funding: $332K
Investors: Deutsche Bank

iRise Mechanics is developing cutting-edge technologies such as intelligent bots and AI systems for health safety and improvement. The company has created robotic mobility devices to assist people who have lost limbs. These robotic hands are controlled by software and assist their users in performing daily tasks with ease.

The goal of iRise Mechanics is to improve the safety and health of disabled people lives. Rise Mechanics is developing cutting-edge technologies such as intelligent bots and AI systems for health safety and improvement. The company has created robotic mobility devices to assist people who have lost limbs. These robotic hands are controlled by software and assist their users in performing daily tasks with ease. Rise Mechanics’ goal is to improve the safety and health of disabled people’s lives.

23. Kindbody:

Industry: Health Care
Funding: $31.3M
Investors: GV

Kindbody is a full-service fertility care provider. It offers female care services ranging from standard gynecological care to conception, nutrition, and mental wellness, among other things. Kindbody has transformed the field of medical science by allowing users to receive expert treatment with complete ease. It provides services such as intrauterine insemination, donor support, and embryo freezing to enhance women’s overall health and well-being.

24. Zenyum:

Industry: Health Care
Funding: $15.1M
Investors: RTP Global

Zenyum’s mission is to assist people in regaining their confident smiles. Patients can get 3D-printed invisible braces from the startup. You can easily have the braces delivered to your home. The 3D printer braces are tailored to your face orientation.

Zenyum is a product created by seasoned business owners and local orthodontists. It recently received significant funding from investors and other healthcare and technology companies.

25. NeuroFlow:

Industry: Health Care
Funding: $11M
Investors: Builders VC

The NeuroFlow digital health application tracks, assesses, and manages your mental health using a simple tool. The NeuroFlow tool assists you on your path to holistic well-being. However, not everyone is eligible to sign up for the NeuroFlow app. Because it is a healthcare tool, you will require a doctor’s written note to subscribe to it. Through a suite of tools, remote monitoring, and behavioral health integration, the HIPAA-compliant platform tracks and engages patients.

26. Lenscope:

Industry: Health Care
Funding: $1M
Investors: N/A

Lenscope simplifies lens replacement. Lenscope allows you to order lenses online and have them delivered right to your door. Lenscope also sells optical glasses for those who want to make their own. They can order the glasses online and have them delivered to their house. Lenscope also fixes glasses. If your glasses require repairs, the Lenscope team can pick them up from your home and return them once the repairs are completed. Lenscope is currently only available in Brazil, but the company plans to expand its services to other countries in the near future. They do not charge for collection or delivery. You only have to pay for the lens and frame.

Blockchain Startups:

27. Eligma:

Industry: Blockchain
Funding: $17.4M
Investors: Bitcoin.com

Eligma is the next big thing in the blockchain and bitcoin worlds. Have you ever considered using a cryptocurrency that isn’t driven by public demand? This is where Eligma enters the picture. It is establishing new benchmarks for bitcoin in particular and blockchain in general. It is also the driving force behind Slovenia’s newest Bitcoin City project. The startup intends to use blockchain technology to create communication standards for cryptocurrency payment networks.

28. Mythical Games:

Industry: Blockchain
Funding: $35M
Investors: Javelin Ventures

With its blockchain-based games, the Mythical Games studio is establishing new standards for the gaming industry. The company’s goal is to connect game developers and content creators with the games they enjoy. It is developing world-class products with a team of veteran game and platform experts to help consumers adopt distributed ledger technology through games.

IoT Startups:

29. xFarm:

Industry: IoT
Funding: €3M
Investors: TiVenture

Because of legal requirements and product certifications, the agricultural industry is becoming more complicated. xFarm is a company that wants to use digital technology to change agricultural processes. It provides technical products to farmers and stakeholders in the food supply chain.

The organization’s primary focus is on convenience, intuitiveness, and adaptability for agricultural retailers. The digital ecosystem includes a free agricultural application that is available on both mobile and desktop and is integrated with advanced premium modules, an analytical dashboard for professionals, and a line of IoT sensors that xFarm has selected, optimized, and associated.

30. Infraspeak:

Industry: IoT
Funding: $5.4M
Investors: TiVenture

With Infraspeak, any user in an organization can quickly report a technical failure to the appropriate technicians. The tool detects and reports electrical system failures based on type, location, equipment, or priority. They can mark these failures as’solved,’ or assign them to the appropriate person working at that place.

31. Zypp:

Industry: IoT
Funding: $2.5M
Investors: IANFund

Zypp is a powered scooter sharing app that is assisting a large number of people in India. Users can unlock Zypp for Rs. 5/-, with a Re.1/minute charge. It has over 500K users in India alone, and that number is rapidly increasing. The most intriguing aspect of Zypp is that the majority of its funding comes from Indian banks and venture capital firms.

It is simple to use Zypp. To unlock the vehicle, simply use an app, ride it, and then park it in a Mobycy parking zone.

32. Nodle.io:

Industry: IoT
Funding: $5M
Investors: Blockchain Ventures

Connecting objects has never been easier. You can now link anything with Nodle, including home appliances, smartwatches, air sensors, fitness trackers, and so on.

Nodle creates new opportunities for hardware manufacturers while lowering entry barriers for IoT solutions and hardware experts. It provides an additional revenue stream for device manufacturers, network operators, and app developers looking to make a name for themselves in the IoT world.

33. Smarten Spaces:

Industry: IoT
Funding: $12M
Investors: Symphony Holdings

It is now simpler than ever to reserve anything. Whether you want to reserve an event, a co-working space, a tenant space, or anything else, the tech startup ‘Smarten Spaces’ is the answer. The company recognizes the critical role that smart technologies play in our daily lives. It’s a mess to walk into an event space just to find out how much it costs. That is where Smarten Space is making a difference. It focuses to transform places of work and recreation into cutting-edge sustainable architectures.

34. Seekify:

Industry: IoT
Funding: $1.5M
Investors: Surge Ahead

Seekify is an excellent platform for providing your clients with a memorable customer experience.

Seekify can be integrated with various business software to collect all data on a single platform. Companies can use this software to automate workflows and set clear goals, KPIs, and provide data-driven insights.

Seekify’s Supernova data intelligence service is ideal for businesses that want to concentrate on actionable insights in order to achieve their objectives.

Software and SaaS Startups:

35. Speechly:

Industry: Software and SaaS
Funding: €2M
Investors: Cherry Ventures

Alexa and Siri are two of the best voice assistants available today. What if you want to add the same voice assistance feature to your mobile app? Speechly comes in handy in this situation. It enables you to use app APIs to create engaging experiences for customers using your preferred applications.

What was the end result? Better customer experience, higher retention, an intuitive voice UI, and guaranteed profit Speechly is ideal for eCommerce stores that want to motivate customers to shop by using voice interfaces.

36. Tego:

Industry: Software and SaaS
Funding: €2M
Investors: Cherry Ventures

Tego is a top-quality app and security device that allows you to track the location of your loved ones. It is safe for girls, children, and even adults going on a tour. The app will send the people’s position in real-time to 11 of their loved ones via an app or desktop interface. With the click of a mouse, a user can alert his friends in the event of an emergency.

37. Clumio:

Industry: Software and SaaS
Funding: $186M
Investors: Cherry Ventures

Clumio is transforming the SaaS industry through its enterprise backup technology. You no longer need to create on-premise backups because Clumio handles everything. It is a third-party app that assists in avoiding the complexities and costs associated with running third-party backup software on the cloud.

Clumio is one of the most popular apps that can be integrated with top cloud-native platforms and AWS native servers. It guarantees that your cloud services are secure and that they meet the current and future backup needs of demanding enterprises.

38. Optovision:

Industry: Software and SaaS
Funding: €2M
Investors: Cherry Ventures

Every hospital keeps a record of each patient, but this information is rarely shared with anyone else. With Optovision, data sharing becomes not only easier, but also faster, more reliable, and accessible from anywhere. It intends to use technology to bring about a revolution in the medical industry.

39. Soundsuit:

Industry: Software and SaaS
Funding: Bootstrapped
Investors: N/A

It can be hard to create a new playlist for your restaurant, office, gym, or events. Soundsuit allows you to easily create one. The Soundsuit app asks you for your favorite music and the theme of your event, then does the rest. You can easily make the best playlist with Soundsuit’s smart assistant in just a few clicks.

40. Finverity:

Industry: Software and SaaS
Funding: Undisclosed
Investors: NA

Investors from growing markets are constantly looking for new places to invest. Whatever it is, stocks, real estate, or shares, they are ready for it. The fact is that they face challenges in a growing market.

This is where the Finverity platform comes into play. It links investors with small and medium-sized businesses and emerging markets. Foreign direct investment (FDI) flows into emerging market economies as the investment process becomes easier for investors. It’s a win-win situation for both parties!

41. Get Quuie:

Industry: Software and SaaS
Funding: Bootstrapped
Investors: N/A

Creating a website from the screen of your mobile phone is as simple as it gets. Quuie is a piece of software that allows users to do just that. You do not need to learn coding to launch Quuie websites. It only takes a few swipes and clicks on the smartphone screen to create a website. Quuie is one of the best pieces of software for people who want to create their own website.

42. InVideo:

Industry: Software and SaaS
Funding: $15M+
Investors: Sequoia Capital India and Tiger Global

InVideo is an online video creation software that provides seamless creative video creation services. It enables marketers, entrepreneurs, agencies, and other small businesses to easily create professional-looking videos. InVideo works with the intent of allowing users to create videos in a simple and frictionless manner.

It is extremely simple to use, with a video design platform that allows users to turn their ideas into gold-standard videos in minutes, even if you’ve never edited a video before, for less than $10 per month. The program includes 4000+ fully customizable layouts covering every main use-case or industry, as well as pre-built elements such as CTAs, stickers, and overlays in their asset library, and an in-built library of 3M+ stock images, video clips, and music to make videos look as professional as ever. It also has an automatic text-to-video feature that can be used to create videos for articles and blog posts or to tell a story through content.

Transport and Travel Startups:

43. Grab:

Industry: Transport
Funding: $9.1B
Investors: Hyundai Motors

Grab began as a ride-hailing platform in Singapore, connecting commuters with riders. It ranked first on the list of the best startups to invest in 2019. After receiving funds from a variety of sources, the company launched new services such as GrabTaxi, GrabCar, GrabHitch, GrabShare, GrabCoach, GrabShuttle, GrabShuttle Plus, GrabFamily, JustGrab, GrabNow, and GrabRental.

Unlike Uber and Lyft in the United States, the Grab mobile platform is only available for city transportation in South East Asia for driver-partners and customers.

44. Airalo:

Industry: Travel
Funding: $1.9M
Investors: Lightspeed Ventures

Do you intend to travel abroad? Getting an eSIM is now more affordable than ever thanks to the new startup Airalo. The Airalo SIM card enables you to travel to various destinations of your choosing. It travels to over 100 different locations. You can get eSIMs at a low cost from all over the world. All smartphones, tablets, and even some PCs are compatible with Airalo SIM cards.

The benefit of Airalo is that you can stay connected even if your regular SIM card is not working.

45. Undress:

Industry: Travel
Funding: $600K
Investors: Crowdfunding

Is it hard for you to change your clothes in public? There is, however, an app that can assist you. Thanks to Undress, a stylish mobile changing room for women. You can now change your clothes easily and without worry. Feel free to exercise outside if you do so in a safe environment.

46. Swvl:

Industry: Transport and Travel
Funding: $80M
Investors: Dash ventures

It is now easier than ever to get from point A to point B in the city. There’s no need to stand at the bus stop all day just to catch that bus. Determine when it will arrive, where it will stop, and arrive at the appropriate time. Swvl is a top-quality bus booking app that allows you to book fixed-rate rides on local buses and vans.

It enables people to share a ride in the morning and evening, either in a van or on a bus. Swvl’s mobile app makes it simple to book a ride at a low cost.

Mobile App Startups:

47. HqO:

Industry: Mobile Apps
Funding: $46.9M
Investors: Insight Partners

HqO is an app that assists landlords in creating spaces that their tenants enjoy. It is an onsite retail and services app that informs landlords in real-time about features that are not available at the property. As a result, they are able to act quickly and solve the problem on time. They can even schedule the repair and renovation with the tenant using the app.

48. Porch Services:

Industry: Mobile Apps
Funding: $464.6K
Investors: Antler

Thanks to Porch, a new startup, calling your local plumber, electrician, maid, or carpenter is now as simple as clicking a button. It offers a mobile platform through which users can contact home repair services. What’s the best part? All of these people work as independent contractors. This means you can find a plumber in your area who has the best rates. After the work is completed, you can rate the repair service technicians. The ratings will be useful to others in evaluating and acquiring those individuals’ services. Porch is changing the way people use home services in Nordic countries.

Fashion Startups:

49. ERA Timepieces:

Industry: Fashion
Funding: $1.8M
Investors: Crowdfunding

In the world of luxury watches, the ERA Prometheus tourbillon watch is a game-changer. It has nearly $1.1 million in funding on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. People only purchased a Tourbillon because of the delicacy involved in watchmaking. People now have a variety of options for purchasing luxury watches thanks to ERA Prometheus.

50. Wardrobe:

Industry: Fashion
Funding: $1.5M
Investors: Ludlow Ventures

Consider Wardrobe to be your personal fashion closet. The eCommerce app allows users to borrow luxury clothing, sell used luxury clothing, and share design ideas for custom clothing. The wardrobe is environmentally friendly, convenient, and affordable.

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