Who delivers your offer to the seller?


The terms Seller Lead and Buyer Lead may come up as you put your home on the market.

A seller lead is an inquiry about selling your home from a potential buyer who contacted you or your real estate agent. A prospective buyer’s offer is referred to as a Buyer Lead when it is received by a real estate agent.

A seller lead, as opposed to a buyer lead, provides you with more details about the potential buyer and their motivations for purchasing your home. Since an agent is the one providing you with a buyer lead, you can only trust their description of the people who are interested in your home.

Most homebuyers start their search online, either perusing open house listings or consulting with real estate agents who will act as their partners in the home buying process.

Many prefer to go it alone and peruse the Multiple Listing Service…. however there are those that don’t want to put forth any effort at all.

They’ll just phone a broker or agent and ask, Who sends my offer to the sellers? This was once impossible, but modern advances in technology have made it a real possibility.

You can contact the seller of a property you find on Craigslist or another classifieds website by clicking the Email Seller button. We, like other agencies, are willing to pay for the service in exchange for this expanded reach.

These brokers are marketing themselves to sellers directly. Customers who would prefer not to deal solely with brokers often say, Direct me when calling their preferred agent.

Although it is impossible to know whether or not an internet buyer is genuine about making an offer, you can rest assured that they are already in the market for a home like yours because they have seen it online.

It’s common practice for buyers to inquire as to who transmits offers directly to sellers before making contact.

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What service will personally deliver your offer to the vendor? This is essential for purchasers who are committed but also wish to conduct more research after the deal has closed.

Clients will be lining up to work with you as a broker or agent if you can present offers to sellers without any middlemen.

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