What Do Donkeys Eat? 50+ Things To Know About A Donkey’s Diet

The diet of a donkey. Domesticated donkeys, or mules, are derived from the African wild donkeys. The Equidae family includes it. As a beast of burden, it’s been around since at least 4000 BCE. The average height of a donkey is 101.6 cm (40 inches) at the shoulder. However, this varies widely across breeds.

Sicilian donkeys are a mere 24 inches tall, but Majorca’s donkeys are roughly 157.5 centimeters (62 inches) tall, and the American donkeys are 167 centimeters tall (66 inches).

The mane and tail are darkly striped, and a transverse stripe runs down the shoulders; the coat might be white, grey, or black. This horse’s mane and tail are short and erect, with long hairs just at the tail’s end. Earlobes with a dark brown or black base and tip.

Even though donkeys are slower than horses, they can haul huge loads across rugged terrain. A mule is a cross between a male donkey (sometimes known as a jackass or jack) and a female horse.

Because horses can’t readily live in certain regions or because inhabitants are too poor to possess them, donkeys have taken over as the primary form of transportation and a means of carrying heavy loads.

A Donkey’s Diet: 54 Facts You Need to Know

1. Are Apples Good for a Donkey’s Teeth?

They can eat apples, but they must be sliced into pieces small enough to consume first.

2. Can You Feed Acorns to a Donkey?

No, donkeys are not allowed to consume acorns because they contain tannins, which are harmful to their digestive system.

3. Is Asparagus Safe for Donkeys?

Donkeys cannot eat asparagus because it is indigestible to them.

4. Do Donkeys Eat Bananas?

Bananas are safe for donkeys to consume.

5. What Foods Do Donkeys Consume?

Not at all. Bread is bad for their health and should not be provided to them.

6. Is Broccoli Good for Donkeys?

They avoid it since it might cause illness in donkeys.

7. Is Brush Safe for Donkeys to Eat?

The answer is yes, as long as there’s nothing else to eat nearby.

8. Does a donkey eat blueberries, too?

Yes, donkeys can eat blueberries, and they appreciate them just as much as other fruits, like apples and pears.

9. How Much Briar Eating Do Donkeys Do?

On the other hand, donkeys will only eat briar roses since the rest of the plant is repulsive to them.

10. Do Donkeys Eat Bark?

They often consume bark as part of their diet, so it’s not unusual for them.

11. What Kind of Berries Do Donkeys Eat?

Yes, donkeys can eat blueberries, and they appreciate them just as much as other fruits, like apples and pears.

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12. Do Donkeys Consume Carrots?

They consume carrots because they are a favorite meal for donkeys.

13. Donkeys Eat Celery, or Not?

Do donkeys like celery? Yes, since it is a good source of both hydration and fiber.

14. Are Cucumbers Safe for Donkeys to Eat?

Cucumbers, which are incredibly nutritious and may be given to donkeys as a reward, are a yes.

15. Do Donkeys consume Corn?

They can’t consume corn because of the high starch content and because the donkeys’ digestive systems might be upset by the cobs.

16. Does Chicken Feed Donkeys?

Donkeys cannot digest animal protein. Hence they do not consume it.

17. Is Cactus Safe for Donkeys to Eat?

Yes, donkeys may safely eat a wide variety of cacti.

18. Do Donkeys Eat Coyotes?

The answer is no; however, donkeys can kill a coyote.

19. Is Clover Safe for Donkeys to Eat?

No, they don’t since the high protein content makes it dangerous.

20. Do Donkeys Eat Eggs?

Dogs may eat eggs on occasion because they make their coats shine.

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21. Do Donkeys Eat Fruit?

Fruits may be fed to donkeys because of their nutritional value, but they must be carefully sliced to avoid choking the animal.

22. What Foods Do Donkeys Consume When They Swim in the Sea?

The protein in fish is bad for donkeys. Therefore they don’t consume any of it.

23. Do Donkeys Eat Figs?

As figs might cause skin irritation, they do not consume them.

24. Do Donkeys eat Grapes?

Yes, they are allowed to consume grapes since they like eating them.

25. Do Donkeys Eat Grains??

No, donkeys aren’t allowed to eat them since it’s bad for them.

26. Does Gorse Make a Good Meal for Donkeys?

As long as the branches and blooms of gorse are removed, donkeys have no problem eating them.

27. Is There a Chance That Donkeys Eat Greens?

They eat greens, as donkeys are herbivorous, and that’s about all they consume.

28. Is Garlic Safe for Donkeys to Eat?

No, donkeys are not allowed to consume garlic since it is poisonous to them and may create health issues.

29. Do Donkeys Consume Hay?

Yes, donkeys may eat hay since it is the most suitable food for them to consume.

30. What Do Donkeys Do When They’re Hungry?

As far as I know, they don’t eat horses.

31. Do Donkeys Consume Horse Feed?

Many of the ingredients in horse and donkey feed are the same. Therefore they may consume horse feed.

32. What Do Donkeys Eat When They’re Hungry?

Like those found in ice cream, dairy products are toxic to donkeys.

33. Is Iceberg Lettuce Safe for Donkeys?

Iceberg lettuce is safe and healthful for them. Therefore they do consume it.

34. Do Donkeys Consume Kale?

It’s OK for them to consume kale since it’s packed with nutrients and calories.

35. Is Kudzu Safe for Donkeys to Eat?

Do they like kudzu? Yes, they have been known to eat it, typical of their behavior.

36. Do Donkeys Eat Kale?

Kale is safe for them to consume since it is nutrient-dense and low in calories.

37. Do Donkeys Consume Kiwi?

Kiwi is a nutritional powerhouse that may be useful to donkeys after a hard day of labor; therefore, donkeys can eat it.

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38. Is Lettuce Safe for Donkeys?

The answer is yes; they can eat lettuce since it is safe for them and a part of their daily diet.

39. Do donkeys eat lemons, or do they just spit them out?

Lemons are safe for donkeys to eat; thus, they eat them.

40. Do Donkeys Consume Grass and Other Plants?

Donkeys are mixed feeders, so they’ll rummage through trees looking for juicy leaves and branches to nibble upon.

41. What Do Lavender-Eating Donkeys Eat?

Lavender is poisonous to donkeys because of the presence of neurotoxins.

43. Do Donkeys Eat Leeks?

Toxic to them and dangerous for their health, leeks are out.

44. Do Donkeys Eat Meat?

No, since they are herbivores, they cannot consume meat.

45. Do Donkeys Eat Mints?

Do donkeys like mints? You bet they do.

46. Is Mango Safe for Donkeys?

The answer is no because mangoes are not enticing to donkeys.

47. Did you know that donkeys like to munch on mushrooms, too?

Mushrooms are not something that donkeys are interested in eating.

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48. Is Melon Safe for Donkeys?

Donkeys do eat watermelons since they are wonderful for hydration and are nutritious.

49. Do Donkeys Consume Nuts?

The consumption of nuts is out of bounds for these animals.

50. Do Donkeys Eat Nettles?

These animals will not consume nettles; instead, they will eat more delectable grasses.

51. Do Donkeys Eat Oranges?

Yes, donkeys do consume oranges since they’re a good source of vitamin C.

52. Is Oatmeal a Donkey’s Favorite Food?

Donkeys consume oats because of the high protein content, which is beneficial to their health.

53. Are Onions Safe for Donkeys to Rate?

No, donkeys are not allowed to consume onions since they contain poisonous substances harmful to their health.

54. Is it true that donkeys like pumpkins?

Moderate pumpkin consumption is beneficial to donkeys.


When it comes to donkey nutrition, the best choices are tiny amounts of grass, straw, and rare hay treats. Horses and donkeys have quite different dietary requirements, even if you don’t think it matters.

Even while donkeys like to graze for long periods, they will eat everything they can get their hands on if given a chance. As a result, donkeys are frequently given excessive sugar or sugar cane, which is fattening, or excess in the presence of abundant grass and hay.

It is based on information supplied by SPANA to assist you in better understanding what to feed your donkeys.

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What kind of food do donkeys enjoy?

Donkeys should be fed a diet of straw, hay, and grass, but in moderation. If you’re looking for a donkey, you’ll need to provide it with a balanced diet since they’ll eat whatever they can get their hands on.

In nature, what do donkeys consume?

Donkeys eat forbs, bushes, and tree bark while they graze. Although this may vary widely, they should be permitted to graze for six to seven hours a day. This herbivore’s single stomach effectively uses the fibers cellulose and hemicellulose, which the donkey readily eats.

What kind of food do donkeys have?

Donkeys willingly take 1.5 percent of their body weight (BW) less fodder than horses, but horses voluntarily consume 3.1 percent of their BW more forage. An abundance of hay is sufficient for donkeys.

Due to the same reason that lush pastures are not advised for donkeys, legume hay, such as alfalfa, is not recommended.

What do you feed your donkeys to keep them healthy and happy?

There are a wide variety of safe foods for donkeys, and many of these foods are highly popular. To avoid choking hazards, make sure that chopped fruits and vegetables are sliced into sticks.

What may make donkeys sick?

Horses and donkeys may be poisoned by even a few black walnut shavings. Red maple (Acer rubrum) may induce the loss of red blood cells in horses and donkeys who eat it. Secondary kidney injury is a possibility as a consequence of this. The most common initial indicator to be seen is blood in the urine.

Is sweet feed safe for donkeys?

Any pre-mixed sweet feed or alfalfa-based product should never be fed to Longears (donkeys or mules). Fescue-containing pastures should never be used for equine pastures. Brome and orchard grass are the finest combo for our pastures.

Camel’s diet is comprised of what?

These things are fed to them by the camels’ herbivorous diet. For the most part, they’ll spend their days grazing and foraging. In the arid desert terrain, they live; food may be limited.

What frightens donkeys?

What does this even mean? Wild canines and other canid family members are also dangerous to donkeys because of their inherent hostility. However, their inherent inclinations will not fully disappear.

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What do you feed a foundered donkey?

You should feed your horse barley straw, vitamin and mineral supplements like Top Spec Donkey Forage Balancer, and restrict the amount of grass he or she has access to keep the animal healthy.

What’s the deal with donkeys and dirt?

Donkeys can’t get enough of a good romp in the sand. In addition, donkeys naturally roll on the ground to scratch their backs, but this also functions as a good insulator and protects them from severe temperatures.

How can I keep my donkey busy?

Make a few holes in an old bucket’s bottom using a drill. Fill it with donkey snacks and hang it from the barn ceiling. Your donkeys will be busy trying to get the sweets out of the bucket for hours on end.

Do donkeys get lonely?

Donkeys should not be left alone at any cost. A donkey’s mood may swiftly deteriorate if it is left alone. We highly urge bonded couples to stay together for the rest of their lives since they create exceptionally strong relationships with their partners.

Is it possible that donkeys are intelligent?

Donkeys have a remarkable aptitude for memory and learning. The Donkey Sanctuary was researched in 2013 and found that donkeys can learn and solve issues at a pace comparable to that of dolphins and canines. In other words, donkeys can keep both happy and bad events for a long time.

My donkey stands in the rain for no apparent reason.

For many reasons, donkeys may opt to stand in the rain. If a donkey is hungry, it may leave its stall and graze in the open. For the second point, there is no objective standard to use. On rare occasions, kids just want to be outdoors and have fun!

Do donkeys eat oats?

Barley or oat straw (barley straw is preferred) should make up the bulk of the donkey’s diet, with very little access to grass.

Is salt necessary for donkeys?

Nothing is better than a lump of salt. It is recommended to use a loose salt rather than a bagged one (granular). Even a salt block may not provide enough salt for donkeys, mules, and horses since they have smoother tongues. They may bite the block to get more, which might cause dental and jaw issues.

Can two male donkeys get along?

Donkeys and other equines, such as horses, mules, and goats, often build long-term relationships with their handlers. If they are removed from their buddy, or their friend dies, they might feel highly distressed.

Some donkeys flourish in an environment surrounded by animals, such as sheep or goats. They do not need another donkey to be happy.

What will happen to the donkey when it is given a meal?

To keep donkeys healthy, they are given haylage or hay by their weight. In rare cases, aged or ill donkeys may be given extra high-fiber diets and supplements to help them maintain their weight.

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Is it common for donkeys to fall over?

Yup. However, donkeys do not suffer from the same leg and foot issues as horses. However, donkeys may and do suffer laminitis and founder if they are given excessive sweets.

What is the average number of times a donkey lays down?

There must be at least half an hour a day of intense REM sleep for donkeys to function properly. Make sure your donkey has a secure place to sleep each night.

What’s the best way to cheer up a donkey?

Feeding them hay with a moderate nutritional content, such as alfalfa, will encourage them to ingest more since they like chewing on it. Substandard hay, including moldy or overgrown hay, should not be fed to horses. Much local grass or grain hays may be used.

Do donkeys need amusement items of any kind?

There is, however, a simple remedy that might help alleviate their boredom — toys! As far as I can tell, miniature donkeys are a lot of fun to watch and play with toys. To prevent your livestock from ruining your property, toss a hula hoop or an old tire into their pens.

Are baths for donkeys a thing?

Because donkeys love dust baths, regular grooming is essential. While this behavior protects them from flies and other parasites, some of them seem fairly dusty as a result.

Do donkeys have names?

When donkeys were first introduced to the desert, dust served as an excellent insulator against severe heat and cold. Donkeys may stamp and paw at grass in sandy places to create the perfect rolling patch. When a donkey rolls, the dust becomes trapped in its coat.

Do donkeys have lice that may infect humans?

No cross-species spread of lice is possible because most lice species, including those that infect horses, are species-specific (e.g., from cattle to horses, from dogs to cats or humans, etc.).

What do donkeys require in terms of minerals?

Donkeys may benefit from various minerals, including copper, manganese, iron, selenium, zinc, cobalt, and iodine. Those developing or pregnant may need increased Phosphorus and Calcium in their diets to keep their health at an optimal level.

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What does a donkey snort mean?

In contrast, Jenny’s whining is utilized to fetch her foal or to welcome a fellow donkey for mutual grooming. Jennies communicate with their newborn foals via a low-pitched and gentle wuffle. Donkeys, like horses, communicate through a variety of body language cues.

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