How to Drain a Bloated Frog

Edema is the most likely cause of a swollen frog. Different kinds of edema exist. Bacterial infection and vitamin toxicity-induced renal failure are two different causes of kidney failure. To keep your frog from becoming edematous, regularly replace the water in its tank and clean the cage once a month.

The bacterial infection is often the fault of insufficient care for your frog. Use a three-stage filtration system and frequent water changes to help avoid germs from building up in the tank, which may lead to repeated illnesses.

Keep your frog from developing metabolic dropsy by feeding him high-quality commercial pellets and tiny insects regularly. The lymphatic system is thought to contribute to the edema in frog dropsy. However, this remains a mystery.

This produces edema in the legs and feet because the lymphatic system is clogged, and lymph does not flow properly.

Naturally, never presume your frog is dropsy without consulting an exotics veterinarian first. Other reasons might be to blame for your frog’s weight gain. Sometimes, frogs eat things like pebbles and rocks from their cage that they shouldn’t and become impacted rather than swelled from dropsy.

Dropsy-infected frogs seem swollen on the surface. Probe and needle injection into the frog’s belly usually detect whether or not the frog has foreign object ingestion, even though an x-ray may rule it out.

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Because we don’t know what causes dropsy, we don’t know how to treat it. The symptoms may, of course, be alleviated. Your exotics veterinarian will likely do this by draining the African dwarf frog’s abdomen of excess fluid.

Your frog’s organs will be relieved, and it will feel better nearly immediately. Adding salt to a frog’s watery environment to treat dropsy is risky and should be avoided at all costs. The salt is almost always fatal to your frog.

Due to their lack of saltwater amphibians, African dwarf frogs commonly die from overheating because they use salt in their diets.

There’s nothing you can do for a frog with dropsy at home. They may die as a result of being tortured if you do this. You risk doing irreparable harm if you try to drain the fluid on your own.

It’s a disease that demands some amount of expertise, then. Unfortunately, if your veterinarian believes there is little prospect for your frog’s recovery, euthanasia may be an option.

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