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George Soros is a Hungarian-born American philanthropist and wealthy investor. He had a net worth of $8.6 billion as of March 2021, having donated more than $32 billion to the Open Society Foundations, of which $15 billion had already been distributed, representing 64 percent of his original fortune, according to Forbes, making him the “most generous giver” (in terms of percentage of net worth). Soros was born in Budapest and emigrated to the United Kingdom in 1947 after surviving the German takeover of Hungary. He received a bachelor’s degree from the London School of Economics, followed by a master’s degree and, finally, a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) from the University of London.

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George Soros Biography

Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary, on August 12, 1930, to a wealthy non-observant Jewish family who, like many upper-middle-class Hungarian Jews at the time, felt unhappy with their background. Soros’ house has been jokingly labelled as a Jewish antisemitic abode. Erzsébet (also known as Elizabeth) was born into a family that had a successful silk store. Tivadar (also known as Teodoro varc) was a lawyer and a well-known Esperanto speaker who edited the Esperanto literary journal Literatura Mondo and taught his son the language. Tivadar had also been a POW during and after World War I, until he was able to flee Russia and reunite with his family. When Nazi Germany seized Hungary in March 1944, Soros was 13 years old. The Nazis forbade Jewish children from attending school, and Soros and the other students were forced to report to the Judenrat, which had been created during the occupation. “The Jewish Council asked the small kids to pass out the deportation notifications,” Soros later told journalist Michael Lewis. The Jewish Council was recommended to me. And there, these tiny pieces of paper were handed to me…

I presented my father with this piece of paper. He recognised it right away. This was a list of Jewish attorneys in Hungary. ‘You distribute the slips of paper and inform the individuals that if they report the crime, they would be punished,’ he added. Soros arrived in England in 1947 and enrolled at the London School of Economics. Soros worked as a train porter and a waiter as a student of philosopher Karl Popper, and once got £40 from a Quaker charity. Soros would stand at Speakers’ Corner on occasion, speaking in Esperanto on the benefits of internationalism, which he had acquired from his father. Soros earned a Bachelor of Science in philosophy in 1951 and a Master of Science in philosophy in 1954 from the London School of Economics. Later, he obtained a Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of London.

Date of Birth 12 August 1930
Age 90 years
Birthplace Budapest, Hungary
Zodiac Leo
Nationality American & Hungary
Profession Investor
Phone Number Private
George Soros Phone Number

George Soros Career

“How does one move from an immigrant to a financier?” Alvin Shuster, former foreign editor of the Los Angeles Times, questioned Soros at a talk at the Los Angeles World Affairs Council in 2006. When did you discover you have a knack for making money?” “Well, I did a number of occupations and ended up selling expensive items on the beach, souvenir stores, and I thought, that’s really not what I was made out for,” Soros said. So I wrote to every managing director in every merchant bank in London, received just one or two responses, and ultimately landed a position in a merchant bank as a result. Soros established Soros Fund Management in 1970 and became its chairman. Jim Rogers, Stanley Druckenmiller, Mark Schwartz, Keith Anderson, and Soros’ two sons were among those who held prominent roles there at various periods. Soros withdrew from the management of the Double Eagle Fund in 1973 owing to apparent conflicts of interest that limited his capacity to oversee the two funds. The Soros Fund was then created, and investors in the Double Eagle Fund were given the choice of moving to it or continuing with Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder. The Quantum Fund was eventually renamed after the physical science of quantum mechanics. By that time, the fund’s worth had risen to $12 million, with just a small fraction of it coming from Soros’ personal funds. He and Jim Rogers put their money back into the business.

Due to changes in US Securities and Exchange Commission disclosure rules, Soros announced in July 2011 that he had returned funds from outside investors (worth $1 billion) and instead invested funds from his $24.5 billion family fortune, citing concerns that doing so would jeopardise his duty of confidentiality to his investors. At the time, the fund was averaging over 20% compound annual returns. The Quantum Fund made $5.5 billion in 2013, making it the most profitable hedge fund in history once again. The fund has produced $40 billion since its establishment in 1973. In 2015, the firm announced that it will invest $300 million to assist Fen Hotels, an Argentine hotel company, expand. On February 5, 1996, Soros is said to have exchanged billions of Finnish markkas in preparation of selling them short.

As a result of the early 1990s downturn, the markka was floated. At the time, the Bank of Finland and the Finnish government stated such a “conspiracy” was inconceivable. During the Asian financial crisis in 1997, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad accused Soros of using his money to punish the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) for accepting Myanmar as a member. Mahathir, who has a history of antisemitic comments, specifically mentioned Soros’ Jewish origins (“It was a Jew who precipitated the currency crisis”). In 1988, Soros was approached by a French banker called Georges Pébereau, who requested him to help put together a group of investors to buy a significant number of shares in Société Générale, a major French bank that was being privatised (something instituted by the new government under Jacques Chirac). Soros finally declined to join the joint effort, preferring instead to pursue his personal plan of collecting shares in four French companies: Société Générale, Suez, Paribas, and the Compagnie Générale d’Électricité.

George Soros Net worth, Salary

George Soros has a net worth of $9 billion and is a Hungarian-American businessman, philanthropist, stock trader, currency speculator, and social activist. As the founder of Soros Fund Management, George made his wealth. The business, which was founded in 1970, would go on to make more than $30 billion in profits for investors over the years. The business is said to manage about $45 billion in assets today.

Body Measurement, Height, Weight

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Height NA
Weight NA
Hair NA
Eyes NA
Body Measurement No statistics available at the moment
George Soros, Founder and Chairman of the Open Society Foundations, looks before the Joseph A. Schumpeter award ceremony in Vienna, Austria, Friday, June 21, 2019. (AP Photo/Ronald Zak)

PERSONAL PROFILE:                                

  • Name: George Soros
  • Date of Birth: 12 August 1930
  • Age: 90 years
  • Place of Birth: Budapest, Hungary
  • Birth Sign:  Leo
  • Occupation: Investor
  • Nationality: American & Hungary

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