27 Best Places to get Keys made near me with Cost (2021 Updated)


Do you ever guess where to go to get a duplicate key? You may require an additional set of keys for one of your vehicles, as well as a spare set for your home or garage.

Fortunately, key-making services are likely to be readily available in a variety of locations near you.

Here is a list of some of the locations near your home where you might be able to get keys made.

Where Can I Get Keys Near Me?

These days, there are 3 primary places where you can get keys made. Grocery and retail stores, hardware stores, and home improvement stores are the three most common locations.

However, not all of these establishments provide key cutting services.

Retail/Grocery Stores:

There are numerous grocery and retail establishments that will cut keys for you. It’s worth noting that some of these stores have key cutting machines that are manned by employees. Others, on the other hand, only have do-it-yourself key-making machines.

Fortunately, the do-it-yourself machines are fairly simple to operate. The DIY machine was available at a big box store recently.

Here are some of the larger retail chains that typically offer key-cutting services. It should be noted that some locations may not offer key-cutting services.

1. Walmart

In almost every larger town or city, there is a Walmart. My keys were made at the local Walmart. They used to trim keys by hand, but now they use a machine.

Your place may still use a live person to cut the keys by hand, or they may have a machine. Most types of doors, car, and other keys can be cut at Walmart.

Check the Walmart site to see which stores near you offer key copying services. Check the copy service hours to see if they have a live person who makes key duplicates.

You should be aware that you may need to contact the store directly for that data.

2. Rite Aid

Many Rite Aid drug stores also offer key duplicating services.

There are presently over 2400 Rite Aid locations in 42 different states in the United States.

Most types of door, garage, auto, and other keys can be duplicated at Rite Aid.

3. Bed Bath and Beyond

It seemed strange that a home décor store would offer key duplication services. Many Bed, Bath, and Beyond locations, on the other hand, offer key-making services in-store. They typically use DIY kiosks, which are relatively easy to operate.

Bed, Bath, and Beyond have over 1,000 stores in all 50 states. For more details on key copying services, contact your local store.

4. Kroger

Kroger is a large-scale grocery chain with locations throughout the United States. The majority of store locations are in the Midwest and South of the United States.

Many Kroger locations will duplicate door keys, auto keys, and other types of keys. Check with your local store for hours and services.

5. Kmart

Sears owns Kmart, which has over 400 locations across the United States. Many places will duplicate standard door and other keys, as well as auto keys and custom design keys.

6. BJ’s Wholesale Club

BJ’s Wholesale Club operates over 200 stores in 16 states, mainly on the East Coast. They provide key duplicating services for many standard keys as well as custom design keys.

7. Meijer’s

Meijer is a large-format retailer with locations in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Iowa, and Wisconsin. Many locations provide key copying services; simply inquire with your local store for more information.

8. Fred Meyer

Kroger owns the Fred Meyer grocery stores. They have branches in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska. Most store locations provide key-cutting services, as well as making door keys, custom design keys, and other services.

9. Safeway

Safeway grocery stores can be found all over the United States. Their key copying services include brass door and other keys, as well as auto keys and other items.

Some places have kiosks that will save a copy of your key for fast access if you require more keys.

10. WinCo

WinCo grocery stores can be found in Washington, Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, and other states. They provide key duplicating services for brass and standard keys, as well as custom keys and other items.

Check with nearby locations for specific services and hours.

Home Improvement Stores:

Because home improvement stores specialize in assisting people with home improvement tasks, you may be able to find key cutting services there. Here is a list of some of the more well-known home improvement stores that will make key copies.

11. Lowe’s

Key copying services are available at the majority of Lowe’s locations. With locations across the United States and Canada, you may be able to find one near you. For more details on key cutting services, call or visit Lowe’s near you.

12. Home Depot

Some Home Depot home improvement stores also provide key cutting services. They cut the majority of standard and automotive keys. For hours and specific services, visit your nearest store location.

13. Menard’s

Menard’s is a home improvement retailer with locations throughout the Midwest. Self-service key copying kiosks are available in many Menards locations. More information can be found at the individual locations.

14. Ace Hardware

Key copying services are also available at Ace Hardware locations. They specialize in brass door and other keys, as well as auto keys and other items. Hours and services differ by location, so call or visit their website before traveling.

15. True Value Hardware

True Value Hardware operates over 4,000 store locations. Most businesses duplicate door keys, car keys, and other types of keys. For more details, contact a place near you.

Other Key-Making Locations:

Here are a few more places where you should be able to obtain key copies. The availability is determined by where you live in the country. Smaller towns may not have as many copying options as larger cities.

16. Your Local Locksmith

Local locksmith shops are still in operation. If you need keys made, simply search the term “locksmith near me” on the Internet. It should generate a list of local locksmiths.

It should be noted that getting key copies from a locksmith may cost more than from a larger store. However, because you have professionals cutting your keys, the quality could be improved as well.

17. Your Car Dealership

You can always go to your car manufacturer’s local dealership if you require keys made for your vehicle. Car dealerships can be a great place to get keys made for your vehicle.

However, be aware that if you use the dealership, you may be charged a large fee for keys. Before you go to the dealership to get keys made, you should do some similar shopping. If you shop around, you will most likely be able to save more money.

18. Auto Parts Stores

Some auto parts stores will provide key duplication services. While many auto parts stores only duplicate car keys, some also duplicate other types of keys.

Check out local auto parts stores like:

(a) Napa Auto Parts
(b) O’Reilly Auto Parts
(c) Advanced Auto Parts
(d) Auto Zone

Individual store places can provide you with more information on the key copying services they provide.

19. Key Me App

The Key Me App is an awesome app that lets you get key copies from almost anywhere. It works like this: you scan your key and save it to the app. After that, you can go to a Key Me kiosk to have a copy printed.

If you’re not in a hurry, you can have copies mailed to you. You can even email the scan to a friend so they can make a duplicate of your key.

20. Car Keys Express

Car Keys Express specializes in making duplicate keys for automobiles. Simply visit their website and fill your Vehicle Identification Number. The site will then notify you on how to obtain duplicates of your keys.

21. Minute Key

Minute Key manufactures key copying kiosks that are accessible in locations across the United States. This is a service for automated copying.

Simply insert your key into the machine, follow the instructions on the kiosk, and wait. Your key copies will be ready in a few minutes.

One interesting aspect of Minute Key is that they also sell designer key items. You might be able to get a key made in the shape of your favorite sports team or another designer choice.

22. Sears

Sears stores aren’t as common as they once were, but there are still a few around. They are well-known for their high-quality tools and appliances, but they also provide key-cutting services at a reasonable price.

Grocery Stores:

Today, many grocery stores strive to be one-stop shops. Banks, optical stores, and quick care health clinics are familiar additions to grocery stores.

Many also provide key services, making them an excellent choice for getting your key made.

23. Dillions

Dillions is another option for getting keys made nearby.

If you’ve misplaced an office key, padlock key, or house key, self-service kiosks at Dillion’s locations can assist you in replacing it.

24. Giant Eagle

Have you misplaced your key fob? Or perhaps an access card? You might be able to get it replaced at Giant Eagle.

Their kiosks can assist you in replacing lost brass keys, home keys, padlock keys, office keys, and other common key types.

As with so many other options, call ahead of time to ensure that your local Giant Eagle location has a key station.

25. Vons

Vons is another grocery chain that primarily operates in California and the American southwest and aims to meet all of your requirements. If you’ve misplaced your key, call your local Vons to see if they have a key station you can use.

Many places also provide key copying services for your car keys, so check them out.

26. Save Mart

Save Mart is an excellent option for key replacement. If you’ve misplaced a key fob or even a car key, Save Mart may be able to replace it.

This grocery store makes it simple to duplicate your house key, office key, or another common type of key. What distinguishes Save Mart from other common grocers is that some places also duplicate access cards.

Before you go, give yours a call.

27. H-E-B

Many H-E-B stores have key kiosks where you can get car keys, house keys, and other types of keys made.

Before you go, call your local H-E-B to make sure they provide these services.

What to Know About Getting Key Copies?

Now that you have a good selection of key duplication choices, it’s time to go over the fundamentals of key duplication. Keys can be copied in two ways:

(a) A key-copying kiosk or machine

(b) Personal service from a key specialist

Personal service is not usually provided at kiosks. Add your key into the machine, select a design, and then follow the on-screen instructions. This choice is usually less expensive and faster.

It is more popular to be able to have a person assist you in duplicating your key at a home improvement or hardware store. This is beneficial if you’ve never copied a key before.

How Much Does it Cost to Get A Key Copied?

The answer is dependent on the type of key you require to duplicate and where you get it done. A local or mobile locksmith is the most expensive choice, but he or she will provide the most specialized service.

A hardware or auto parts store with a person who can assist you in copying your key will be more expensive than a self-service kiosk.

If you only require to duplicate a standard home or office key, start with a kiosk. Try one of the other choices if you have a high-performance, auto, or more complex key.

What are the Different Types of Keys?

You’ve probably figured out by now that there are various types of keys. Keys that are commonly used include:

(a) House and office keys

(b) Auto keys

(c) High-performance keys

(d) Keys that say “do not duplicate”

More information on each type of key is provided below.

(a) House and Office:

House and office keys, the most popular type of key, are exactly what they sound like. They are typically simple to duplicate at kiosks and in-person at hardware and home improvement stores.

(b) Auto Keys:

With so much automation and security built into modern vehicles, auto keys are more difficult to duplicate. Depending on the type of vehicle you require to replace a key for, you may need to take your key to an auto parts store to have it duplicated.

When attempting to duplicate a car key, it is best to contact your local hardware store and an auto parts store.

Explain your vehicle’s make and model, and ask if they can duplicate your key.

(c) High-Performance Keys:

Another type of key is known as a high-performance key. Auto keys are frequently included in this category. Office keys can be high-performance keys as well.

These keys are more precise and complex than a typical house or office key. They’re made to glide into and out of locks. As a result, they may necessitate more complex duplication services.

If you want to copy a high-performance key, first try an in-person key replacement service at a nearby hardware or auto parts store.

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