Stokes Twins Phone Number, Email, House Address, Contact Information, Biography, Wiki, Whatsapp and More Profile Details

Stokes Twins Phone Number, Email, House Address, Contact Information, Biography, Wiki, Whatsapp and More Profile Details

Stokes Twins Age, Bio, Girlfriend, Profile| Contact Details (Phone number, Email, Instagram, Twitter)

Generalized term for two brothers known for their TikTok videos: Stokestwins. StokesTwins and Sunset Park are two of the most popular YouTube channels, and millions of people follow them. The social media platform Tiktok is one of the ones where they are most active right now. YouTube is another place where they post longer videos. They have millions of Instagram followers as well.November 23, 1996 marks the birth of identical twin brothers Alex and Alan Stokes.

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Stokes Twins Biography

Born on November 23, 1996, in Hollywood, Florida, Alex Stokes is a singer and songwriter. A little over two minutes separates him from his identical twin brother Alan. Twin brothers who are half white and half Chinese, the Stokes twins are a mix of both races. They currently reside in Los Angeles, where Alex and Alan met.

One of the features that helps people to distinguish Alex from his twin is his right-side mole. They were afraid of being separated as children. The ‘Sunset Park’ band members Okaymoe and Moe Bradberry consider Alex a close friend.
A dog lover, Alex enjoys spending time with his pet. Sheeba, an Alaskan Malamute, was the brothers’ pet when they were growing up. Pizza is a favourite of Alex’s. More than mountains, he prefers beaches. He has a fear of heights, and he avoids them at all costs. Alex’s celebrity crushes are Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner.

Alan Stokes is 2 minutes younger than Alex. Their fathers both hail from the United States of America, and both were born in Hollywood, Florida. Half-white and half-Chinese, the Stokes Twins are white and Chinese, respectively. As of right now, Alex and Alan are living in Los Angeles, California. A 23-year-old man or woman will be eligible to vote in 2020. They are both Sagittarians. Americans by nationality, they are Christian by faith. Social Media Careers of Alex & Alan began together. Along with other Social Media Influencers, Stokes Twins have also created their own Music Label and website.

The Stokes twins love to make people laugh, and they’re good at it. Comedy videos make up the majority of the videos on the channel’s playlist. As well as pranks, challenges, and Q&A videos, the channel also features a variety-show format. Alex, on the other hand, is more popular on ‘Instagram,’ where he has over a million followers. “Sunset Park” is another “YouTube” channel featuring the Stokes twins. Additionally, Alex and Alan have a website where they sell their signature merchandise line..

Date of Birth November 23, 1996
Age 24years
Birthplace Hollywood ,Florida
Zodiac Sagittarius
Nationality American
Profession Youtuber
Phone Number Private
Stokes Twins Phone Number

Stokes Twins Career

Both of the twins have appeared in a number of TV shows.Social media careers for Alex and Alan began in the same place. “Stokes Twins” is a YouTube channel where they post vlogs and life updates, as well as challenges, pranks and Q&A videos. Alanalan9635 was the channel’s original name. Their charm and sense of humour caught the attention of many viewers soon after they began posting videos on the channel.

On the channel, Q&A videos are by far the most popular type of content. To date, the channel has amassed more than 55k subscribers.Alex and Alan are also members of Sunset Park, a YouTube group. Other ‘Sunset Park’ members have collaborated with the Stokes brothers on several pranks and challenge videos. Alex and Alan stopped making videos for about a year because they couldn’t come up with a topic that they were interested in discussing. Alex has over a million followers on ‘Instagram,’ where he posts pictures, selfies, and videos of him and Alan.

They’ve also co-founded a music label and a website, along with other social media influencers, according to the Stokes brothers. “” is the label’s blog and online store.The Stokes twins and skateboarder Ben Azelart attended the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards in 2018. The three men walked the red carpet of the event without shirts under their jackets, revealing only their jackets. The incident became one of the event’s highlights.

Alex and Alan debuted on the big screen in 2018! ‘Brobot’ and ‘Afterschooled’ are science fiction TV series in which they appear together. In both series, Alex played the role of Luke.YouTube has more than 4.76 million subscribers, Facebook has 24,000 fans, and TikTok has 25.2 million followers as of July 2020, according to the twins’ joint social media pages. According to their respective Instagram pages, they have 4.2 and 5.9 million followers, respectively A majority of their videos have been posted together on social media since the twins joined the site. The majority of their followers are on YouTube and TikTok, where they regularly post their videos.

In addition to Brent Rivera and Ben Azelart, the twins collaborate with a number of other social media personalities. In addition to appearing in their social media videos, the skateboarder also appeared with them on the show “Brobot.”Sunset Park is a YouTube group that includes both the Stokes twins as well as their own social media pages. On their Facebook page, the group posts challenges or interesting videos, though not all members will appear in every video.

Okaymoe, Coby Persin, and Ethan Bradberry are members of the group. It was founded in 2017 by the Sunset Park group. The Stokes twins have appeared in a number of television shows since they became famous. In the TV shows “Afterschooled” and “Brobot,” they played roles. Their roles in the second season of “Light as a Feather” were also expanded. In addition, the Stokes twins have released a compilation album featuring some of their favourite songs.

As a result of the album cover featuring the twins, their fans have a better idea of what type of music the twins listen to. Alex’s appendix ruptured in 2019 and almost killed him. Before he was rushed to the hospital, the social media star had been suffering from abdominal pain for several days before his appendix burst. Alex has been linked to Leslie Contreras, a popular model and social media peruser, in his personal life

Stokes Twins Net worth, Salary

Over 8.6 million subscribers and 1.4 billion views have been recorded so far for the channel. Each day, it receives approximately 1,6 million views, which should generate an estimated $12,000 in revenue from the ads that appear on the videos ($4.4 million in revenue per year).
YouTube pays US, UK, Canada, and Australian content creators $2 – $12 per 1000 monetized views, after YouTube takes its cut of the profits. The percentage of views that are monetized typically ranges from 40 to 80 percent of the total views.

Body Measurement, Height, Weight

Stokes is about 6’1″ tall. He weighs approximately 70 kilograms, has biceps that measure 16 inches in length, and a 44-32-38-inch body measurement. Stokes has brown eyes and light brown hair

Height 6feet 1 inches
Weight 70 kg
Hair Light Brown
Eyes Brown
Body Measurement No statistics available at the moment

PERSONAL PROFILE: Stokes Twins                              

  • Name: Stokes Twins
  • Date of Birth: November 23, 1996
  • Age: 24years
  • Place of Birth: Hollywood Florida
  • Birth Sign: Sagittarius
  • Occupation: Youtuber
  • Nationality: American

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