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Jackie Chan (Chan Kong-sang) is a Hong Kong actor, director, and martial artist known for his comedic acrobatic fighting style, comic timing, and imaginative stunts, which he usually executes himself. He has a background in Wushu and Hapkido, and has appeared in over 150 films since the 1960s. He is one of the most well-known action movie stars ever.

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Jackie Chan Biography

Jackie was born Kong-sang Chan to Charles and Lee-Lee Chan on Hong Kong’s iconic Victoria Peak on April 7, 1954, and the Chan family moved to Canberra, Australia, in early 1960. Jackie struggled academically as a child, so his father sent him back to Hong Kong to study at the China Drama Academy, one of the Peking Opera schools.

Chan excelled at acrobatics, singing, and martial arts and eventually joined the “Seven Little Fortunes” performing troupe, where he met fellow martial artists/actors Sammo Kam-Bo Hung and Biao Yuen, with whom he became lifelong friendships.Chan travelled back and forth to Canberra to see his parents and work, but he eventually returned to Hong Kong as his permanent residence. Chan was frequently cast in films that capitalised on Bruce Lee’s success by using phrases like “fist,” “fury,” or “dragon” in their US release titles not long after Lee’s sad death.

Date of Birth April 07, 1954
Age 67
Birthplace Victoria Peak, British Hong Kong
Zodiac Aries
Nationality Hong Kong
Profession Martial Artist,Actor
Phone Number Private
Jackie Chan Phone Number

Jackie Chan Career

Chan’s own film career was up and running, and he quickly participated in a slew of low-budget martial arts films put out by Hong Kong studios eager to capitalise on the early 1970s martial-arts film craze. He appeared in films such as Shaolin Wooden Men (1976) (aka “Shaolin Wooden Men”), To Kill with Intrigue (1977) (aka “To Kill With Intrigue”), Half a Loaf of Kung Fu (1978) (aka “Half A Loaf of Kung Fu”), and Magnificent Bodyguards (1978) (aka “Magnificent Bodyguards”), all of which did well at the box office. Jackie was cast alongside Burt Reynolds, Roger Moore, and Dean Martin in the Hal Needham-directed car chase film The Cannonball Run in an attempt to raise his profile in the United States (1981).

Regrettably, Jackie was cast as a Japanese race car driver, and his martial arts abilities are only briefly displayed near the end of the film. Jackie Chan’s popularity in the United States was still a few years away! Undaunted, he went back to the Orient to do what he did best: make jaw-dropping action movies with incredible stunt work. Chan and his famed stunt team were unrivalled in their ability to stage breathtaking battle scenes and action sequences, and the next decade would showcase some of their best work. Winners & Sinners (1983) (aka “Winners & Sinners”), Project A (1983) (aka “Project “A”), Wheels on Meals (1984) (aka “Wheels On Meals”), My Lucky Stars (1985) (aka “Winners & Sinners 2”), Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars (1985) (aka “Winners & Sinners 3”), Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars (1985) (aka “Winners James Glickenhaus misread his target audience, and the picture received only tepid reviews and box office profits. Jackie did, however, decide to “harden” up his on-screen image, and his following picture, Police Story (1985) (aka “Police Story”), was a significant change from his previous light-hearted martial arts entertainment, and his fans adored it!

This was immediately followed by the Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)-influenced Armour of God (1986) (aka “The Armour of God”), in which Jackie mistimed a leap from a wall to a tree on site in Yugoslavia, inflicting a skull fracture. It was the latest in a long line of injuries Chan has had as a result of performing his own stunts, and he was soon back in the spotlight. Miracles: The Canton Godfather (1989) and Supercop (1992). Taking his popularity in Asia to new heights, as well as expanding his global fan base. Rumble in the Bronx (1995) (as “Rumble In The Bronx,” but it was really made in Canada) was an action film that successfully merged humour with action to create a winning formula in US theatres, and it arrived in the shape of the hard-working Jackie Chan.

Jackie wasted no time in getting to work on First Strike (1996) (aka “Police Story 4”), Mr. Nice Guy (1997) (aka “Mr. Nice Guy”), and Who Am I? (1998) (aka “Who Am I”), all of which were critically acclaimed and box office successes internationally. Jackie subsequently went on to star with fast-talking comedian Chris Tucker in the action/comedy Rush Hour, which was his biggest-budget US film (1998). Jackie next starred in Shanghai Noon (2000) and its sequel, Shanghai Knights (2003), alongside rising star Owen Wilson, and re-teamed with Tucker in Rush Hour 2 (2001), as well as The Tuxedo (2002),

The Medallion (2003), and the excellent. In 80 days, you’ll travel around the world (2004). Jackie returned to more gritty and traditional fare with New Police Story (2004) (aka “New Police Story”) and The Myth (2005), without forgetting his devoted fan base (aka “The Myth”). Chan, who is also a famous recording sensation in Asia, shows no signs of slowing down and has long ago stepped out of Bruce Lee’s shadow, to whom he was frequently likened early in his career.

Chan is one of the great maverick actor/director/stuntman/producer combos in the international film industry; he has always done things his way to fulfil his objectives and goals of becoming an international cinematic star. He has been integrally involved in several humanitarian endeavours providing financial help to schools and institutions all over the world, both on and off screen. He is a UNICEF GoodWill Ambassador who has campaigned against animal mistreatment and pollution, as well as assisting in disaster relief efforts for the victims of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami.

Jackie Chan Net worth, Salary

Jackie Chan enjoys travelling in grandeur and appears to go to great lengths to do so. The action and comedy star is no stranger to owning private jets, but this time he has spent $20 million on the most up-to-date air transport technology.
Chan recently received delivery of an Embraer Legacy 500 business jet, making him the first Chinese customer to do so. The actor had previously owned an Embraer Legacy 650 model, which he purchased in 2012. Jackie Chan is also a brand ambassador for Embraer, a Brazilian firm that is one of the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers.

Body Measurement, Height, Weight

Chan is one of the few action stars who seems bigger in real life than he does in his movies. He’s no colossus; his own bay area press agent towers over him at 5-foot-9. He laments at one point in the interview that his 158 pounds are too much for him to carry around.

Height 5 feet 9 inches
Weight 65 kg
Hair  Black
Eyes Dark Brown
Body Measurement No statistics available at the moment


  • Name: Jackie Chan
  • Date of Birth: April 07, 1954
  • Age: 67
  • Place of Birth: Victoria Peak, British Hong Kong
  • Birth Sign: Aries
  • Occupation: Actor, Martial Artist
  • Nationality: Hong Kong

See also: Jackie Chan Phone Number, Email, House Address, Contact Information, Biography, Wiki, Whatsapp and More Profile Details


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